The information provided by Pillar Publishing, LLC is a review of special requirements placed on federal contractors and subcontractors, as employers. It does not cover any additional federal requirements imposed on particular industries, nor does it cover any other specific requirements of federal contractors not related to their status as an employer.1Specifically, the information does not cover the process for solicitations, offers or proposals for contracting, pricing, payment or protest clauses, or any provisions not directly related to a contractor’s employees, workers, agents or subcontractors; and within the sphere of employment requirements does not address notice of pension plan termination, accounting, or employment tax requirements. It does not provide information related to any state or local laws, which may also apply to a federal contractor as an employer. The guide provides general legal information, and is not intended as legal advice or advice for a particular matter. Should you have further questions regarding your obligations under the laws or regulations discussed herein, or questions relating to a particular matter, you should contact legal counsel or any of the federal agencies discussed herein.