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Using Pillar's guide will provide you with confidence in your grasp of your contractual obligations, and save tens of hours of your time and outside professional time in doing so. The subscription is priced such that it will pay for itself many times over when compared to finding and understanding the requirements or engaging a professional to review or explain the requirements.

About Pillar's Subscription

Subscription Details

Single User

A subscription provides access to the guide for a 1 year period from the date of subscription. It is purchased under a license agreement which provides the subscriber with unlimited access during the subscription period.


When purchasing multiple user licenses, the first license is associated with the email address provided with the billing information, and will be activated instantly. Each additional user license is activated by the additional user, who will receive within 24 hours from Pillar an email which provides unique login information and contains a link to the Pillar subscriber log in page. Each additional user is assigned a Pillar account, and the account associated with the email address provided with the billing information contains the additional users’ subscription details as well.

On the checkout page, you will be prompted to provide an email address for each additional user.

Government / Educational

To purchase a government or educational subscription, complete our email address verification process. If approved, we will send you an email with instructions for purchasing a subscription with our government / educational pricing.

Online Access

The guide may be viewed through an internet browser. The content is updated by Pillar to reflect changes to laws, regulations or guidance by agencies as they occur.

Privacy and Payments

Pillar does not disclose, share or sell any information regarding its subscribers, including email addresses. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

To process payments, Pillar uses the largest U.S. credit card payment gateway – Authorize.Net®. Pillar does not maintain credit card information on its own servers. Pillar has a 7 day full refund policy, for any reason. Pillar issues refund requests the same day, monitors the processing of refunds with Authorize.Net® to verify that refunds are issued promptly (next banking day to credit card provider, typically 2-3 banking days to customer card), and responds promptly to subscriber emails regarding refunds.