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Acquisition Changes by The National Defense Authorization Acts (2017-2019)

The acquisition thresholds and simplified procedures for contracts under the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT) affect not only the dollar value of contract actions reserved for small business, but also the applicable contract requirements. The NDAAs for 2017-2019 made changes to the threshold amounts and other contract requirements.

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The Cost of Clean Hands

The laws and executive orders that serve as the authority for federal contract requirements are a function of those conditions being set by people who have to run for public office.  The conditions of a contract that address how a contractor behaves as an employer (or the fact that the government feels the need to weigh in on that as part of the contracting process) are motivated by first, the altruistic goal of benefitting the workers and second, the political need to avoid embarrassment of a business being paid with tax dollars acting inappropriately.

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e-verify for federal contractors

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