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Pillar Publishing was formed for the purpose of providing a compilation and explanation of employment requirements for federal contractors to supplement the publicly available information provided by government resources. Anyone who has tried to navigate these legal and regulatory authorities knows that they are spread out among disparate sources that are not always easily found or understood.

The writing and editorial review for the material is performed by a small group of attorneys and former supervisory employees for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. The information provided contains hyperlinked citations to the specific authority for each contractual obligation. In addition to the legal authorities cited, third party services are described which can also help with an individual matter.1

Pillar does not offer opinions about the propriety of the laws or regulations. We simply provide current information concerning the requirements. When it will assist in providing understanding about the requirements, historical context or public policy goals considered by the lawmakers is included.

1While the guide thoroughly describes the wage and hour and affirmative action requirements, including AAP requirements, it does not offer specific advice for preparing payrolls or AAPs, or provide examples. There are many software products, payroll services, and affirmative action professionals who assist contractors in complying with these specific requirements. The guide is not meant to replace those services, and in fact recommends utilizing such services as necessary to comply with these two specific areas of requirements.

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